An end-to-end communications network service provider.



Romador Technologies is a specialist communications network infrastructure service provider, founded in 2008. It operates in the Telecommunication space mainly in the Microwave, Satellite and Fibre technologies. Romador Technologies has successfully rolled out projects in territories such as South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, DRC and Swaziland.

Romador Technologies is a Romador Group company and an essential link in the group’s service delivery chain. Romador Technologies prides itself in having developed substantial industry relationships and expertise and has developed a reputation of consistently delivering a high quality of service. A key aspect in Romador Technologies development strategy is to drive key enterprise development and intern programmes developing empowerment skills with in their industry.

As a responsible South African corporate citizen, Romador Technologies has embraced the ICT empowerment charter and has concluded its B-BBEE transaction, restructuring Romador Technologies into a black women owned company.


Romador Technologies key strategy revolves around the service delivery of network infrastructure services and encompasses the following:

  • Single empowered interface to Telco customers.
  • Business strategy and development thereof.
  • Project management and hands-on service delivery;
  • Service delivery performance management on customer contracts.

Through expert project management and implementation management tools, Romador Technologies takes full accountability of customer contract deliverables and provides detailed reporting, either daily, weekly or monthly as maybe required by our customers.


The telecommunications industry is in a state of massive change and nowhere is this better illustrated than the fight for supremacy between traditional Telco and the Over-the-Top (OTT) players. A good example of where this battle plays out is in the domain of IoT (Internet of Things).

While the OTT players such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, WhatsApp and the like have held sway in the recent battles for customer acquisition and revenues, the emergence of IoT has presented traditional Telco’s with the opportunity to fight back.

IoT is estimated to be the largest new source of applications revenues for Telco’s since the advent of sms. Telco’s see the opportunity to rapidly create ubiquitous communications, multimedia and machine-to-machine applications on top of fixed and mobile next generation networks as an opportunity to win back some lost ground.

In order to assail the opportunity Telco’s must partner with organisations that understand the challenges as well as be able to respond with agility and precision. It is vital for Telco’s to partner with players who are able to aggregate key capabilities across a wide spectrum of the value chain essential to the delivery of IoT services and to implement solution sets successfully over the shortest time.

Romador Technologies is positioned as a leader in this evolving industry and is able to rapidly respond to provide the means to aggregate, integrate and deliver the most optimal solutions sets with the support of vast and proven capabilities.

  • Designing and planning applications and network solutions together with customers to best suit current and future needs.
  • Bringing together the key components of that make applications and network solutions work, purposely and cost effectively.
  • Provide appropriate network connectivity in radio , satellite and fibre, operate service delivery through best-in-class OSS that facilitates a complete virtual functional fulfilment capability, thereby ensuring that environmental and other critical facilities are seamlessly integrated into the end-to-end solution sets;
  • Expert project implementation management with world-class project execution and fall-out management.
  • Provides assurance capabilities of a fully managed service with monitoring, surveillance and problem resolution capability delivered on a real-time basis.


  • Civil Planning
  • Fibre Planning
  • Radio Planning
  • PTMP and PTP Radio Implementation
  • Civil Construction
  • Fibre Construction
  • BTS and RBS installations
  • IP Services
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Specialised Site Surveys, Site Drawings and Audits
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Satellite Services ( Planning, Implementation, Management & Support )


  • MTN Ghana – PTMP (Mobile and Enterprise)
  • MTN SA – PTMP and PTP (Mobile and Enterprise)
  • MTN Swaziland – PTMP (Mobile)
  • Airtel DRC – PTMP (Mobile)
  • Airtel Kenya – PTMP (Mobile)
  • Neotel – PTP & PTMP
  • Sentech – Satellite
  • Regro Technology
  • Mobax
  • Comsol
  • Telkom – FTTH / FTTX
  • Vox
  • Metro Fibre
  • MTN
  • Vodacom
  • Multichoice – Satellite
  • Stratosat – Satellite


Provisioning of fully managed services on 24/7/365 basis through both internal and external core partners.

  • PTP, PTMP Microwave and Satellite utilising best-in-class technologies including site surveys, planning, site establishment, build, operate and interference monitoring;
  • Fibre (FTTX/FTTH) including planning, wayleave and landlord site installation authorities, construction, fibre deployment and service connectivity and commissioning;
  • Indoor and near-site connectivity through front and backhaul radio, Wi-Fi and fibre deployment. Provisioning of infrastructure and facility ancillary services.
  • Environmental management, facility infrastructure engineering, power, air-conditioning, safety and security, connectivity and data centre services, business and customer application and OSS services.

Project Financing

  • Project funding considered, for example, on a revenue-share or capital lease basis for qualifying capital expense projects.
  • Early customer adoption using radio as an alternative technologies ahead of fibre deployment;
  • Initial high Capex investment but long term recurring revenues.


Romador Technologies boasts a key and highly competent management team with years of experience and has a staff complement of skilled and certified industry professionals that enables Romador Technologies to successfully manage and roll-out its key customers microwave, satellite and fibre projects. Romador Technologies has the potential to rapidly grow its staff complement and skills base as may be required to successfully implement projects. This positions Romador Technologies as a partner of choice for many of its Telco customers.


Romador Technologies endeavour’s to execute Construction work in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and the Regulations. It is our goal to create and maintain a healthy and a safe working environment for all employees, whether permanent or casual, sub-contractors and visitors by implementing practical procedures and precautions that are to be observed by all employees, visitors and sub-contractors and by implementing the “Zero Tolerance” policy.

As such we will provide training to each employee, sub-contractor and visitor through safety inductions and regular toolbox talks based on the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (full version).

Enforcement of Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace, with the assistance of the Health and Safety Representatives and the Health and Safety Committee, to carry out appropriate risk assessments, seeking to eliminate and or reduce hazards. Where risk assessment has demonstrated that risk levels are unacceptably high, health and safety requirements will take precedence over all other business requirements.

We seek continuous improvement in our Health and Safety performance and promote a safe and healthy working environment. Success in achieving this goal, and maintaining appropriate standards of Health and Safety can only achieved through effective communications, and with the full co-operation and commitment of all staff employed by us, whether manager, employee, student, safety representative or sub-contractors.

Implementing an effective health and safety management programme will help minimize the impact of accidental loss at the workplace and will assist us to meet our budget targets. To encourage all employees to take reasonable care for the Health and Safety of themselves and others by what they do at work.

Regularly review safety policies, including health and safety plans, fall protection plans, method statements, operating procedures and enhancing them when opportunities are identified. We have a comprehensive SHEQ policy in place and put a very high premium on health and safety in the workplace. We ensure that a comprehensive health and safety plan is in place for every project. All our staff members are trained in the necessary health and safety procedures and also have vaild certified mast climbing certification.


  • Sophistication in design
  • Precision in planning
  • Relentless in execution
  • Simplicity in use
  • Quality in the experience
  • Satisfaction in the value

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